Pen Pal Program

When we first entered quarantine, I found myself social distancing when it came to texting, calling, FaceTiming people, and catching up via social media. I don’t like using these forms of communications, to begin with, so when we were forced to use them in lieu of in-person communication, I found myself speaking to people, but not really connecting with anyone. I would catch up with people here and there, but phone/screen communication lacked the intimacy factor that was so important to me. In a normal world, I would use text and social media solely to reach out to people to meet up and speak in-person instead.

Since we can’t meet up with friends, the next best way was to bring back a dying form of communication: writing letters.

I started this Pen Pal Program to allow people to communicate with someone they may never get the chance to meet otherwise, and connect more intimately than just an Instagram DM. The process of writing and sending letters isn’t as easy as hitting “Send;” it requires more effort and time, which makes the experience all the more unique and intimate.

By pairing individuals up randomly, I hope that the Pen Pals gain something from the program, whether it be a new insight into life in another country or a new friend to confide in.

Sign up for my Pen Pal Program here!

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